Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

A Local, Family-Owned Brighton, MI Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Company Serving All of SE Michigan

A beautiful lawn is a blessing, but keeping in its peak condition is no easy task. While it certainly adds value and interest to your home or office, it also puts you on the hook for extensive maintenance, which can eat up valuable time.

Against the Elements takes care of this maintenance for you, making your lawn and landscape completely hassle-free!

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Enjoy Your Free Time with Brighton, MI’s Most Reliable Lawn Services

Against the Elements allows clients throughout Livingston County to enjoy the beauty of their lawns without lifting a finger. When you request our services, we take stock of the current condition of your lawn and any desires you have to change it. We then determine exactly what we have to do to achieve and maintain the appearance you want. By designing a detailed plan for lawn and tree services, we can keep this look in place year-round without issue.

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Fertilizing, Mowing, Edging, & More — We Do It All!

The battle for lawn beauty must be fought on many fronts. While frequent fertilization is necessary to keep your plants growing strong, you also need lawn cutting services; otherwise, the plants will grow so large and lush that you won’t be able to move around. Against the Elements fights every one of these battles for you. From lawn mowing to distributing fertilizer to keeping weeds at bay, we leave nothing standing in the way of a healthy, but contained landscape.

We Specialize in Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Good first impressions are essential for success in business, and few factors have a greater initial impact on customers than your lawn. An overgrown landscape tells clients that you have little discipline, while excessive weeds and wilting grass implies that you don't invest the necessary money and effort in your endeavors. Against the Elements makes sure your lawn sends only positive messages about your company.

Choose Us for Affordable and Detailed Residential Landscape Maintenance

As a local, family-owned company, we understand the importance of lawn maintenance to your loved ones' safety and happiness. By keeping grass under control, clearing your walkways, and removing allergens and bacteria sources, we make sure every lawn is a family-friendly environment.

Tree, Leaf, & Brush Removal

Lawn maintenance isn’t just about managing plant growth; it also means clearing away plant waste. We eliminate leaves, brush, dead trees, and all other debris, allowing only live, vibrant plants to adorn your yard.

The sooner you get started maintaining your lawn, the easier it is to keep it beautiful. Contact Against the Elements today and take the first step toward ensuring landscape beauty.