Landscape Design and Installation

A Local, Top-Rated Landscape Design & Installation Company Based in Brighton, MI and Serving All of SE Michigan

From homeowners enhancing their property values to businesses creating comfortable environments for customers, quality landscaping is in high demand throughout the Brighton area.

Home and business owners often have grand designs for their properties, but scale them back for fear that they will be unrealistic or expensive. Against the Elements is committed to reviving these designs. From our headquarters in Brighton, we help clients throughout Livingston County add beauty and sophistication to their properties at rates they have no trouble affording.

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From a Beautiful Design to the Final Finishes — We Create Your Perfect Landscape

As a local landscape company with a commitment to personalized service, our first step on any job is to meet with you and discuss your desires. We listen to everything you want to do to your property and come up with a plan to make your vision a reality. We consider the size and shape of the property, the plants and accessories you want to include, the effect of seasonal weather, and your budget. Once we have a plan that reconciles each of these factors, we get to work transforming your property and don’t stop until you have beautiful, lasting designs.

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Commercial Landscape Design & Installation in Brighton and Throughout SE Michigan

Commercial landscaping projects are an inherently challenging venture. Not only do your designs have to attract interest from onlookers and add value to the property, but they cannot interfere with employee or customer access to your building. It is essential to understand workers’ and patrons’ habits, allergies, and other factors. Against the Elements takes all of this into account. Our landscaping designs provide easy entry to and exit from your building while adding a beautiful, unique look that no prospective client will forget.

Residential Landscape front pathway with shrubs and trimmed trees on both sides of the pathwayUnique and Customized Residential Landscape Design & Installation Services

While commercial designs are among the most challenging services a landscaper can provide, residential ones are the most intimate. When you purchase landscaping for your house, you want something that reflects your unique tastes and values. As a family company, we understand just how important it is to give a personalized feel to your yard, and spare no effort to give the yard this unique atmosphere. In addition to promoting beauty, we also emphasize your health and convenience, ensuring that every aspect of the final designs is perfectly suited to your needs.

Stone & Mulch Installation

As a full-service landscaper, we provide a myriad of decorative and functional bed materials. These include hardwood bark, decorative stone, environmental mulch, and flowers, all of which we can deliver directly to your yard. We tailor these bedding materials to the characteristics of your property, using them to counter weeds, insects, moisture loss, and anything else that can undermine your designs.

Don’t ignore the chance to make your property beautiful. For more information on our landscaping services, contact us today.